About Our Business
 H & H Welding, LLC was established in 1991 as a sole proprietorship by the owner of the
company with one truck and one goal: to provide quality, dependable welding service to the
oilfield and other industries.  In the earliest years, this service consisted mainly of on-site
welding and fabricating for drilling companies.

 Over the years however, the excellent reputation of the owner's practical and technical skills
spread, the sole proprietorship was changed to an LLC, and the owner began searching for
talented, highly trained technical welders and fabricators for a welding and fabrication shop.  
Through hard work, patience, and perseverance, H & H Welding, LLC has become one of the
largest and most reputable welding and fabricating shops in its area, providing all types of
service from repair to installation and even fabrication of new equipment and structures for all
types of industry.

 Client base now includes companies operating within the trucking, poultry processing, mill,
and construction industries, and within all facets of the oilfield industry.
H & H Welding, LLC
Mission Statement
     H & H Welding, LLC is a growing and diversified company offering many options to its
customers.   Our goal is to work hard to ensure we meet and exceed the needs and
expectations of our customers.  Our dedicated staff work endlessly to ensure quality in each
project they under take.