H & H Hard Banding & Inspection, LLC
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Chris Holifield  Operations Manager

Office: 601-428-4788
Cell: 601-315-0538
Our unique Hard Band Unit designed by Chris Holifield allows for pipe,
collar or hevy_wate to enter from either the left or right side.  Another
advantage to this design is we are able hard band hevy_wate drill pipe
without having to waste time to turn it around.   We are able to start at the
PIN END and continue on to the Middle Upset and then finish with the Box
End without taking the hevy_wate out of the machine.  Again this saves
time and money by not tying up a fork lift operator.
Operator Training Includes
  • Class A CDL
  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Rig Pass
  • Shell Yellow Book
  • Shell's 12 life Saving Rules
  • First Responder
  • Fork Lift Operation Training
Wires Available
  • Lincoln
  • Hobart
  • Arnco
  • Armacore
  • LC 55 w/ Tungsten (Crushed or
  • LC 60 w/ Tungsten (Crushed or
  • M -StarB LMC (True Casing
  • Platnum (Severe Drilling Conditions)
  • We also offer Corosion Coating of
    Drill Pipe
Tubular Inspection
Services Offered
  • Visual and Clean
  • DS-1 CAT3
  • DS-1 CAT4
  • Shoulder Refacing on Location
  • Top Drive Quill Inspection (on the
    Ground or in the Derrick)
  • Derrick and Sub Repair Inspection
  • Full Reporting to all Parties
H & H Hard Banding and Inspection, LLC has been serving
Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and Arkansas since 2004 with our
focus being on Honest, Quality workmanship at a price comparable to the
market average.  H & H has taken steps to offer all services in
Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York State.

We operate three hard banding units to the specifications of our customer.  
We specialize in the application of M-starB LMC but offer a variety of other
wires and crushed or Pelletized Tungsten as well.  

H & H Hard Banding and Inspection, LLC has a 24 hour service or as
needed.  Our operators and inspectors are trained and expected to operate
to the highest standards in the industry.  Although we are paid to hard band,
we will not hard band anything that doesn't need it.  We also will work with
our customers to establish which type wire will best suit the drilling
environment in which the drill string is being used in.  This practice saves
the customer time and money and shows the customer our commitment to
his or her bottom line.  The goal of the company is to build long lasting
relationships with our customers instead of just performing jobs.